Project Description

The Assignment:

An interior designer working for Global Destinations contacted NyghtFalcon about a complex project it was developing for Carnival Cruise Lines on the island of Grand Turk. Carnival had purchase an old prison on Grand Turk and was converting it into a tourist attraction. The project called for NyghtFalcon to:

♦ Photograph the completed project on Grand Turk.

♦ Produce a still video that showed a prisoner in one of the cells. This was supposed to add both realism and drama to the completed attraction.

♦ Photography needed to be done quickly and at times that meet Global Destination’s schedule.

♦ NyghtFalcon was expected to design, purchase and install the audio-visual system that would be placed in the cell.

The Result:

NyghtFalcon met with Perper Design, the interior design firm, in order to determine how the project would be implemented. Once a plan was in place:

♦ NyghtFalcon hired an actor and in a basement in Greensboro, Falcon and JD photographed him dressed as a prisoner would have been 300 years ago when the prison was built.

♦ Falcon created a sepia finish that enhanced the historical presentation.

♦ Falcon also created a sound track for the still video. This included mixing environmental sounds like chains dragging on a stone floor, and doors slamming. He also created multiple voices from his own to created the appearance that more than one prisoner was calling out.

♦ NyghtFalcon selected and purchased the equipment required to play the still video in a prison cell on the island.

♦ JD and Falcon traveled to Grand Turk to photograph the project and installed the AV equipment with the presentation they created.

Both Global Destinations and Carnival were extremely pleased. The still video has been described as “harrowing” and “haunting”. Still images from that assignment are among the best in our portfolio.

C. 2010-17 The House of NyghtFalcon. All Rights Reserved.
C. 2010-17 The House of NyghtFalcon. All Rights Reserved.
C. 2010-17 The House of NyghtFalcon. All Rights Reserved.