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Why We Do What We Do.

We believe in the ability of a single image, still or motion, to show us not only how the world is now, but how it can be. We believe that each and every image we create can and will fundamentally change the way we see the world. And so it is that we call everyone who sees our work to envision that world with us.

We believe a dream isn’t dream until you live for it. Suffer for it. Until you are ready and willing to lay your life down for it.

See the world again.
For the first time.

JD Milazzo, Cedar City, Utah


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Founded January, 2003, as The House of NyghtFalcon quickly garnered international acclaim for its work. If a thousand still images were on a table, and only one were a NyghtFalcon, that still image would be clearly and easily recognizable. The firm’s hallmark style – the vibrant colour, rich texture, intensity of detail, emotional impact and unique artistic vision – clearly distinguished the firm’s work from that of traditional photographers.

In 2007, we changed our name to The House of NyghtFalcon, because, as Falcon wrote, “While the firm’s core expertise remains still and motion imaging, everything we do is centered around capturing, creating and conveying emotion.” In recognition of this, we changed our tag line to “See the World Again. For the First Time.” “Our responsibility,” wrote Falcon, “is to free our clients – and their clients – to experience even the most ordinary object or image as an extraordinary emotional experience. Emotion is the ultimate competitive edge.” NyghtFalcon’s unique methodology, called NyghtVision, is designed to reveal the unique emotional experience in each image. With our deep collection of film emulations, NyghtFalcon can craft a stunning range of visual effects that create a one of a kind emotional experience for your clients.

The firm’s consultative expertise include brand awareness analysis, brand consistency development, digital marketing, decision process analysis, culture-brand linkage analysis and client profile analysis. NyghtFalcon offers an array of support expertise that include: graphic design, logo design, digital publishing services, motion video production and editing, logistics, and web design. NyghtFalcon’s personnel are trained to deliver world class imagery under the most difficult conditions. We are equally at home in deserts, on city streets or in rain forests. Highly adaptable, flexible and resourceful, only the best survive the firm’s three year training program. Our firm’s proprietary lighting methodology allows us to create emotionally powerful images without the constraints of studio work.

We invite you to see the world again. For the first time.

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