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We create, capture and convey emotion through still and motion imaging. Our goal is to create an emotionally compelling visual experience that will provide your firm with a competitive edge.

Construction Photography

Builders such as Frank L. Blum have trusted the House of Nyght Falcon for years to capture their new construction projects. This isn’t real estate photography, but high-end production meant for trade magazines, galleries, and simply to attract new business for commercial builders.

Architectural and construction photography can highlight a variety of things, such as:

  • College campuses
  • Art galleries
  • Churches
  • Commercial and industrial facilities

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Drone Photography

To get the footage others don’t have you have to go where others don’t go. Drone photography is the perfect solution for creating a captivating vantage point, whether you’re creating an advertisement or a virtual tour. Aerial photos cast your business or property in a cutting edge light, far different than your standard ground shot does.

We have the equipment and experience needed for stunning aerial shots. Purchase prints to use in brochures, websites, and other mediums, or acquire footage to assemble a professional video showcasing your space.

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Artistic & Boudoir Photography

If you’re looking for something deeply personal and more expressive than the more common headshot photography session, boudoir photography might be exactly what you’re after. This is an artistic session designed to showcase your inner and outer beauty — to celebrate what is distinctly you.

Everything from the lighting, the tone, and the pose sets the style for the shots. The goal is to create something that is simultaneously moody and provocative, while making the collection specific to your spirit.

Learn more about boudoir photography.

Destination Photography

Location scouting and destination photography is popular for travel companies, hotels, and cruise lines since it involves traveling to remote areas companies are considering to revamp for commercial use. Everything matters here, from the vantage points that set the stage for what is visually possible to the time of day and the way the sun and shadows play upon the space.

Destination photography sessions can be used in promotional materials, but also to attract investors by sharing the vision in a way a written document simply cannot.

On location with Nyght Falcon

Build your photography skills by seeing the process behind finding the right shot, working with lighting challenges, or simply exploring the philosophy behind a professional’s work.

These are all topics we explore in our blog and Youtube channel, which we encourage anyone interested in photography to visit.