Working in Manual – Quickly and Easily

Without a doubt, it is one of the most complex aspects of learning photography - moving from auto exposure to totally working in manual.  I can't speak for JD Milazzo, but I can say that I never - NEVER - wanted to work in manual. I was convinced that working in manual would get in the way of connecting emotionally to whatever I was

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The Way Back: Building a Workflow for Scanned Film

If you have been following our journey - a journey which began about a year and a half now - it started with the purchase of a single vintage Pentax 6x7 lens. That experience was so revolutionary for Falcon that, for his fine art work, he only uses vintage lenses. In November of 2019, he purchased a vintage Pentax 6x7 film camera, and, shortly

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Let’s Talk #4: Mamiya RB67 Medium Format Camera

In the Fall of 2018, Falcon purchased a vintage Pentax 67 55-100 MM lens. It has proven to be both a deep part of his creative rebirth and yet also a source of great difficulty. In May of this year, Falcon began thinking about learning about film. His interest began when an old friend gave him a Minolta Xg3 from around 1992. This video

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Product Review: PortraitPro

Except from NyghtVision Magazine, Volume 9 #2: Product review of PortraitPro from Anthropics. Read Volume 9 #2 here. To be honest, sometimes I think that applications are updated simply for the sake of updating them because updating generates more revenue. So, whenever I am assigned the task of evaluating software, I am always a bit skeptical about the value of doing so. Most of the

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