“So, tell me again,” he said, “exactly what do you do?”
You would think that as many times as I am asked what I’d do, I’d have a definitive answer. I do. More or less. Or, well, never mind.
Yes, well, there should be world peace too and no child should ever go to bed hungry. But the world – life – isn’t just. And however much we strive for logic and reason and order and meaning and truth, in the end, we have chaos, randomness, and the world we live in. And then out of nowhere, someone get what we do.

I read through the latest issue of NyghtVision Magazine and although I was totally lost on the technical content as usual the images and thoughts were both beautiful and thought provoking as always. One thing your work is helping me understand is the difference between “taking a picture” and producing an image. The initial response for a layman like me is to say, “So you take the picture and it visually records the object – big deal.” Your combination of words and images has taught me that to fully appreciate and represent the life, depth, history and meaning of the subject, setting, etc. requires someone who can coax every pixel of potential from the image as the means of honoring the subject and the emotion. In a religious context it could be referred to as an act of worship or Michelangelo’s attributed comment that his skill was “creating” the sculpture but knowing what to remove and what to leave to release the angel from the stone. With your subjects and images I don’t understand the process, but I know it’s there because they aren’t “pictures” but images that seem draw you into them to want to know more about them and hear what they have to say.

Hope that comes across as the complement intended and not gibberish from a layman.

Grace & Peace Be Multiplied To You Falcon.

And somehow, that makes everything a little better. Thank you Darrell. (To read NyghtVision Magazine, please click here.)