Except from NyghtVision Magazine, Volume 9 #2: Product review of PortraitPro from Anthropics. Read Volume 9 #2 here.
To be honest, sometimes I think that applications are updated simply for the sake of updating them because updating generates more revenue. So, whenever I am assigned the task of evaluating software, I am always a bit skeptical about the value of doing so. Most of the time, there is little that is new, except the endless tinkering with the user interface. Case in point, Microsoft Office. Nothing has changed in years, except the interface, and that requires pointlessly wasting time to relearn what you have already learned.
I am pleased to report that this isn’t true for PortraitPro. We upgraded from version 15 to 18. The changes are substantial, impressive, and worth the time to upgrade. I should also note that the interface has only changed where functionally a change was required.
If you aren’t familiar with PortraitPro, it is an incredible tool. On a very basic level, PortraitPro is the best tool we have ever found for simply touching up portraits. Sure, there are other ways to touch up portraits, from the old “add a new layer in Photoshop and use a Gaussian blur” to other, dedicated plug-ins for touching up blemishes. No other plug-in or standalone app can touch PortraitPro.
Lets review some of the changes and new features before we take a closer look at the interface and how PortraitPro works.
1 Advanced Image Recognition: The technology that drives PortraitPro is advanced, AI-driven, facial recognition software developed, I assume, by Anthropics. Version 18 identified facial features more accurately and more quickly than previous version. In earlier versions, we spend a fair amount of time customizing PortraitPro’s “mapping” of a human face. If this were the only enhancement, PortraitPro would be worth getting just for this.


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Previous versions of PortraitPro couldn’t handle this. Automatic facial identification failed, as it did with version 18, however, manual location in earlier versions resulted in significant ghosting around the eyes. The only option was to “paint” the corrections in. This was effective, but very time consuming. Manual location in version 18 worked effectively the first time. I needed to make only minimal corrections once manual location was finished. As I said, for this enhancement alone, PortraitPro is a “must have.”
2 Eye Open/Eye Closed: This is a phenomenal addition. Again, looking at that photo on the facing page, in the past, the eyes were either both open or both closed. Now, you can select which eye is open and which is closed. Other features include changing eye color, adding contact lenses, and adding a reflection. Oh, you can select from a list of reflections. Fantastic.
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