So, as hard to believe as it is, this is 2018. NyghtVision Magazine is entering it’s eighth year of publication. Amazing.
When I look back at our first few years, NyghtVision has grown immensely. We started out using Photoshop to layout the magazine, and that eventually gave way to InDesign. That change, in turn, prompted exponential growth. Thee design was the only change. The original site gave way to a Word Press site, and that, in turn, gave way to the current site, also Word Press-based, but so much more friendly to mobile devices.
Much of that growth is the responsibility of Yana and Rayn who guide the editorial process and the design of the magazine. Without Lew Brown, Andy Walcott, Jim Whiting and so many others, NyghtVision just wouldn’t be possible. My thanks to all of them. In 2017, more than 162,000 people visited the site, up front about 65,000 the year before.
In Volume 8, Number 1, we will feature reviews of Gnarbox, PortraitPro version 17, and DxO Lab’s new PhotoLab. Regular series return, including Behind the Scenes, Poetically Man Dwells, and Lighting the In-lightable. Sarah Boyd, my fifth muse, returns as well. If you haven’t seen NyghtVision Magazine, it is free and you can read the current edition by clicking here.