Product Review: PortraitPro

Except from NyghtVision Magazine, Volume 9 #2: Product review of PortraitPro from Anthropics. Read Volume 9 #2 here. To be honest, sometimes I think that applications are updated simply for the sake of updating them because updating generates more revenue. So, whenever I am assigned the task of evaluating software, I am always a bit skeptical about the value of doing so. Most of the

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Vintage Glass – 2

Looking back, deciding to use vintage lenses was one of the best decisions I've made. It has rekindled my creativity, and it has forced me to engage what I am doing in a way I haven't since 2005. 2005 was a watershed year. After two years of working as a professional, using only "program mode," JD Milazzo and I had been forced to work

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So, Tell Me Again?

"So, tell me again," he said, "exactly what do you do?" You would think that as many times as I am asked what I'd do, I'd have a definitive answer. I do. More or less. Or, well, never mind. Yes, well, there should be world peace too and no child should ever go to bed hungry. But the world - life - isn't just. And

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NyghtVision Magazine Volume 8 #1 Coming!

So, as hard to believe as it is, this is 2018. NyghtVision Magazine is entering it's eighth year of publication. Amazing. When I look back at our first few years, NyghtVision has grown immensely. We started out using Photoshop to layout the magazine, and that eventually gave way to InDesign. That change, in turn, prompted exponential growth. Thee design was the only change. The original

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Some Things You Can’t Automate

Some Things You Can't Automate   by Brian Watkins These days it seems like everything is becoming automated. Automated teller machines, automated checkout lines in grocery stores, auto photo settings on point-and-shoot cameras. In a lot of ways this is useful for everyone. Some transactions are simple enough that human interaction is unnecessary. But when it comes to snapping photos, the ease of

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The Eye of Commercial Photography

Eye of Commercial Photography by Brian Watkins Anyone who's sold property before can tell you that presentation is everything. A carpet stain can sully an otherwise great impression, and a dull-looking room prevents a feeling of connection. But getting this right involves some careful thought, and is the core of commercial photography. Everything from the angle of the shot to the light balance plays

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Remembering Honduras

Remembering Honduras Not long after being on assignment in Roatan, JD Milazzo and I returned to Honduras. This time, to Trujillo. While the trip to Roatan went off without so much as a thread out of place, the trip to Trujillo was one unpredictable moment after another. Before it was over, I would crack my ribs as a result of a fall near a

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MOTHER NATURE WANTS TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED So, now that I have your attention.... Let's think about this for a minute. It's spring here now, and the other day, as I returned to the studio from an appointment with a client, I noticed that I had almost missed the blooming of the dogwood. I'd spent too many years during my career in the

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FILMING IN THE MOST WILD OF LOCATIONS Not everyone can be successful working outside a studio environment. As much as there are times when I wish JD Milazzo and I had had access to a studio early in our careers, there something to be said for our having been forced to work everywhere but in a studio. Everything we learned in those early

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