Stock Photography Could Be Hurting Your Website

Stock Photography Could Be Hurting Your Website By Brian Watkins Don't get me wrong, sites like Pixabay are super useful in a pinch when you're writing blog content and need a good image to accompany your content. Most people aren't photographers and don't have a library of their own material to draw from, particularly for the pace some people publish. When it comes

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So, Tell Me Again?

"So, tell me again," he said, "exactly what do you do?" You would think that as many times as I am asked what I'd do, I'd have a definitive answer. I do. More or less. Or, well, never mind. Yes, well, there should be world peace too and no child should ever go to bed hungry. But the world - life - isn't just. And

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NyghtVision Magazine Volume 8 #1 Coming!

So, as hard to believe as it is, this is 2018. NyghtVision Magazine is entering it's eighth year of publication. Amazing. When I look back at our first few years, NyghtVision has grown immensely. We started out using Photoshop to layout the magazine, and that eventually gave way to InDesign. That change, in turn, prompted exponential growth. Thee design was the only change. The original

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