Vintage Glass – 2

Looking back, deciding to use vintage lenses was one of the best decisions I've made. It has rekindled my creativity, and it has forced me to engage what I am doing in a way I haven't since 2005. 2005 was a watershed year. After two years of working as a professional, using only "program mode," JD Milazzo and I had been forced to work

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Vintage Glass

Yes, I've told the story before, but it warrants being told again. I think about this exchange between JD Milazzo and me now almost 16 years ago. I was sitting on the steps to the second floor, the manual to our new Canon 10D in my hand. JD asked what the difference between aperture priority and shutter priority was. In true fashion, I quipped:

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Stock Photography Could Be Hurting Your Website

Stock Photography Could Be Hurting Your Website By Brian Watkins Don't get me wrong, sites like Pixabay are super useful in a pinch when you're writing blog content and need a good image to accompany your content. Most people aren't photographers and don't have a library of their own material to draw from, particularly for the pace some people publish. When it comes

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The Eye of Commercial Photography

Eye of Commercial Photography by Brian Watkins Anyone who's sold property before can tell you that presentation is everything. A carpet stain can sully an otherwise great impression, and a dull-looking room prevents a feeling of connection. But getting this right involves some careful thought, and is the core of commercial photography. Everything from the angle of the shot to the light balance plays

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PHOTOGRAPHY ADVICE I GIVE EVERY TIME Never having used film for photography, I never found myself bound by the restrictions that came with film. Aside from the fact that you never really knew whether the images you spent all day creating were going to come out. Unless you had your own darkroom, it could be a month or more, and then,