Coming – NyghtVision Magazine – Volume 9 Number 4

NyghtVision Magazine Volume 9, Number 4 will be available November 24, 2019. Click here to read it. In this edition: Product reviews - H&Y Filters, PortraitPro version 19. The work of Patrick Stack, Rasmus Stelling, Lew Brown and Falcon. Featured models include Ella Rose (from UK) and Cheri Summers (USA). Poetically Man Dwells returns as does Lighting the Un-Lightable. The Way Back looks at film

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Sirui ND Filters

If you've read any review I've ever done about photography gear, then you know that I am convinced that cheaper is never better. When I first started doing photography, I never thought I'd say that. I couldn't see the difference and, after all, a camera is a camera. In short order, I learned I was wrong. I bought a cheap memory card, and it failed

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Neutral Density Filters

Neutral density what? Neutral density filter. The principle behind the filter is rather straight forward: Essentially, a neutral density filter is a dark piece of glass placed in front of the lens that allows less light into the camera through the lens. This means you need a longer exposure to get a properly exposed image. This is great when working in an open field

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