01 Bob Blasingame, Business On-line Solutions

While attending a Meet-up on photography sponsored by The House of NyghtFalcon, I listened to Falcon discuss the process he had developed in order to produce the results he envisioned with a high degree of consistency. He discussed the way that NyghtFalcon had defined itself, its objectives and the product that it produces. I am in the technology business and most of my time is focused on product development, customer service and support. I considered what Falcon had presented and I knew that after nearly three years I had taken very little time to contemplate these aspects of my own business. Rather than just try to apply what appeared to be Falcon’s processes, I tried to look at them from the artist’s or photographer’s perspective. There was the obvious fixed apparatus of the equipment and the variable conditions of the environment. I deal with the constraints of technology and my customers all have slightly different requirements. But the “product” that is produced is the result of combining the knowledge of the equipment and the recognition of the environment, with the artist’s vision of the desired outcome. Achieving the desired outcome is what produces the gratification we seek from our work. Gratification is a pleasurable experience and being able to consistently produce pleasure from your work is a most sought after outcome.
By first envisioning what would give me the most pleasure from my work, I realized I had severely limited my view of what I was creating. I was setting myself up to produce exhaustion, frustration and a permanent position that would always be a full step behind where I wanted to be. While in the midst of this open minded envisioning, I was contacted by a couple of young men whose call I can only attribute to divine intervention. The discussion that ensued helped me see the path that could lead to my envisioned outcome. I had viewed my business as that of a service provider, but in the process I had also created a product.  As a service provider, my vision ended where my ability to provide services became exhausted. As a product company, the vision is expansive and the potential is as endless as my dreams allow.
I have always sought out bright, intelligent people who could help me grow. While it is my wife who is the photographer, it quickly became apparent to me that Falcon had much more to offer both of us than photography tips. We now know much more about camera technology and the nature of light than we did before. But it is combining this intellect with the exploration of the artist’s heart that has produced the most valuable outcome for me. NyghtFalcon provides proof that this state of mind can be maintained and repeated. My motivation is renewed and my vision of the future is filled with pleasurable thoughts.
Thanks Falcon for helping me take the lens cover off.

JD Milazzo, Cedar City, Utah

02 Martin Marty, West Yorkshire UK

“Dear Nyghtfalcon it is rare that I comment on work seen on [a web site] but I wish I had the words to express the beauty of your images, the composition and lighting are excellent, in my humble opinion you captured something beyond the image, call it the soul for means of a word, its intoxicating thank you and blessed be…”

03 Mike Greve, CEO, Global Destinations

“Your creativity plays well internationally because you can see the uniqueness of the locales and formulate the right shot”

04 Marcel Jr. Nault, Sherbrooke, Quebec (Canada)

“I would like to say that your photography is a redefinition of intimacy and finesse.”

05 Donna Emmary, former Marketing Director, Frank L. Blum Construction Co.

“When Falcon handles our photography, I don’t have to be on-site to direct the shoot because by the time he is photographing our buildings he has thoroughly questioned me about the characteristics of the building I want featured and what emotions I would like viewers to feel about the building.
Then, he just nails it for us. For the new YWCA at the Southeast Gateway, we wanted to portray that building as a majestic icon that welcomes people to participate on a new level. For the Single Sisters Residence at Salem Academy & College, we wanted to capture the feeling of an elegant woman of importance who has earned the respect she deserves. In both instances, Falcon’s photographs elicit those types of responses to the images.”

06 Sammy DePasquale, former Editor, Stimuli Magazine

“Being an editor of an art and photography magazine, I have seen hundreds of photography portfolios and websites. Out of that pack, only very few standout. NyghtFalcon is certainly one of them. Their sense of dramatic flair with light and shadows is their trademark and their introduction of color at precise moments only enhances their vision. Also, their professionalism is second to none and I enjoy working with them very much.”

07 Luc Marin, former VP of Marketing, DxO Labs (Paris)

“Falcon possesses a rare blend of highly desirable, distinctive qualities. He is a visionary, technologist, artist, entrepreneur, and a leader as well as someone with complete ethical integrity. I believe these are the most desirable attributes to run a great photography business in the digital age.
The vision he has developed for the NyghtFalcon photography company is unique in all these dimensions and has produced great results for his clients and partners. The NyghtFalcon work immediately stands out and grabs the viewer’s attention. I was able to work on many different projects over the years with Falcon and his team and each one delivered superb value for DxO Labs. On top of that, Falcon is a lot of fun to be around and to work with.”

08 Lorana Price, CEO, Holy Cow Branding

“NyghtFalcon provides captivating, unique photography that enables us to deliver compelling imagery to our clients. We have been very impressed with not only the quality of their work, but their dedication and professionalism, as well.”

09 Michael Hague, CEO, SignMine Inc.

“An artist with a eye for beauty! I’ve had the opportunity to work with Falcon in several capacities… service provider, partner… best of all, friend.
If you want something with a photographic flair second to none or pictures that enhance your organization’s image, NyghtFalcon Photography has the solution”

10 Connie Nelson, Cape Fear Tourism Board

“Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts. You change the lives of all who view your work. And I have had the great pleasure of working with you, as you so aptly put–even at this distance. Again, thanks for everything.”

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”
“Black and white are the colors of photography. They symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is subjected.”