Project Description

The Assignment:

Frank L. Blum Construction hired The House of NyghtFalcon to photograph the completed baseball club house at Wake Forest University. That included:

♦ The locker room.

♦ The Wall of Champions.

♦ The sports therapy room.

♦ The players’ lounge.

♦ The hallways which had one-of-a-kind graphics, the equipment room, and the “mud room.”

The Result:

NyghtFalcon met with marketing people from Frank L. Blum, the general contractor, in order to determine how the project would be implemented. Once a plan was in place:

♦ On three different days, we returned to the site to photograph different parts of the project as they were being completed.

♦ Working around contractors on a job site isn’t easy, so we had to coordinate with them and work to optimize their time and ours.

♦ There were other issues we had to manage as well – for example, most power outlets were not working, there was construction continuing outside the players lounge.

♦ We also had to time where we worked to the position of the sun in relationship to some of the glass walls in order to ensure that the emotional experience of the space could be “captured.”

♦ We used strobes to ensure that the color, detail, and contrast of the space was conveyed in the images we created.

The images we created convey the beauty of the space as we experienced it. We were able to combine attention to detail with the logistical skills required to work around contractors. One of our more complex assignments, this assignment required several trips on site to complete.

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C. 2010-17 The House of NyghtFalcon. All Rights Reserved.