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Aerial drone photography shot

Getting professional photos of your business is always a smart idea, but you want to really stand out. To get the kinds of shots (or video footage) your competition doesn’t have, you have to go where they haven’t gone.

This is where drone photography is ideal.

From aerial shots that cast your space in a premium frame to rotational footage that gives a real sense of scale, this is a type of photography like no other.

No matter what kind of commercial entity you are, and what you’re showcasing, studies have consistently shown that searches for products, services, and even properties begin online. Being able to give people an immediate wow moment is immensely powerful.

Even in offline mediums like trade magazines, imagery is the most important piece on any page.

Drone aerial shot

Advantages of Drone Photography

Beyond the cool factor, modern drone photography carries some distinct advantages with it worth noting.

Versatile Photo Applications

In the old days aerial shots required a helicopter-mounted camera, or a photographer willing to shoot from an open side of the aircraft. This was often prohibitively expensive and not very practical for shots within cities. Modern drone photography changes everything by being legal to fly within city limits, unobtrusive, and far more maneuverable.

Drones can even fully rotate 360 degrees while otherwise stationary, creating some dramatic footage when flying within a large area.

Quiet, Minimal Interference

Drones fly quietly without causing a ruckus, which is important whether you’re getting shots of downtown or out in nature. For city uses, drones don’t violate any noise ordinances or attract unnecessary attention. In nature, particularly when you’re after shots of wildlife, it’s useful to be able to coexist easily without scaring half the forest away. The same goes for rural settings where you might want photos of horses and other animals.

Industry-Leading 4K HDR Video

Sometimes you have to trade functionality for convenience. This isn’t one of those times. Our drone photography features full 4K HDR video capabilities, along with our usual ultra high-res photo resolution.

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