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HPU Medical Sciences Building C. NyghtFalcon 2018

Whether you’d like to showcase your products and services at a storefront or are a commercial builder and want to advertise your latest products, commercial photography can help you put your best look forward.

We’re passionate about weaving emotion into the frame. These kind of shots are about more than expensive equipment and good lighting, though those are where it all begins.

We’ve worked with commercial builders for years promoting their work. Frank L Blum in particular has benefited from the collaboration. Their work appears in industry magazines and local publications, and using our specialized imagery has improved their success rates of acquiring new business.

HPU Medical Sciences Building C. NyghtFalcon 2018HPU Medical Sciences Building C. NyghtFalcon 2018

Benefits of Construction Photography

Construction photography is a much higher end type of work than what people typically call real estate photography. In this case, we seek to capture the possibilities of the design itself, the mood it evokes, and tell the story of who will inhabit the space. More than that, the shots demonstrate the master craft of the construction itself.

Promote Renovations and Additions

For college campuses, retail locations, or other types of commercial buildings, growth is something to celebrate. Many of our projects have involved showcasing new meeting rooms, auditoriums, or re-imagined primary areas. For those that visit these locations regularly, those can be pretty exciting changes.

Entice New Business

For the commercial builder, construction photography entices new business. Companies like Frank L Blum have noticed a 40% increase in their close rates for new accounts by using our construction photography for ongoing projects.

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