Vintage Glass

Yes, I've told the story before, but it warrants being told again. I think about this exchange between JD Milazzo and me now almost 16 years ago. I was sitting on the steps to the second floor, the manual to our new Canon 10D in my hand. JD asked what the difference between aperture priority and shutter priority was. In true fashion, I quipped:

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Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling By Brian Watkins In copywriting we often use personas to better understand who we're writing for. What are their goals and frustrations? What kind of day might they have had by the time they're stumbling onto our pages to read? Those are tough questions to answer, but even in our speculations we can glean a lot of insight. I promise this

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So, Tell Me Again?

"So, tell me again," he said, "exactly what do you do?" You would think that as many times as I am asked what I'd do, I'd have a definitive answer. I do. More or less. Or, well, never mind. Yes, well, there should be world peace too and no child should ever go to bed hungry. But the world - life - isn't just. And

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Amazon Prime: Redefining the Buying Experience

Imagine a long day that ended more than 18 hours after it began. It is after 11:00 PM. You come home, ready to settle in for the nyght, but decide to check email one last time. You open an email from Amazon. Two of the packages you have been waiting for weren’t delivered. The attempt to deliver them failed. There is a link for you

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Consistent Brand Message

Consistent Brand Message Y ou know, getting an oil change shouldn't be a BIG deal.... When it is, especially when it involves "a bait and switch," it can damage your brand for a long time, if not forever. I'm reminded of that every time I see a Precision Tune sign, whether in Greensboro near where I work out, or, when we are on the road.

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Driving Your Customers Away

Our Cook-out ExperienceImagine, if you will, that you have had a long day, and just as you are ready to call the day over, you get a phone call. It's the client. The need you to get to another location - like NOW. Your first reaction is to find a hole and crawl into it because you just want to get some sleep. Your second,

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Small Brand Mistakes Loom Large

Small Brand Mistakes Loom LargeGetting a cup of coffee right isn't a big deal... Well, it shouldn't be. But it can be, and when it does go wrong, the transaction can undermine a long-standing relationship with a client/consumer.Yesterday, JD Milazzo and I headed off to an outlet mall so I could get basketball sneakers. After we finished shopping, I thought it would be great to

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FILMING IN THE MOST WILD OF LOCATIONS Not everyone can be successful working outside a studio environment. As much as there are times when I wish JD Milazzo and I had had access to a studio early in our careers, there something to be said for our having been forced to work everywhere but in a studio. Everything we learned in those early

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