Who We Are Today

Who We Are Today

This section is about how The House of NyghtFalcon came to be. From our roots in the Fall of 2002 to the present day, we have changed as the world around us has changed and as we have come to understand who we are and what we do.

Who we are today is very much rooted in how this firm came to be. In the early days, the firm was called NyghtFalcon Photography, but as we grew in our understanding of our role and our vision, we became The House of NyghtFalcon. All that we do is centered around a single statement: See the World Again. For the First Time.” Join us in changing how we see the world.

Who We Are Today

Our Team, Our History

Our Roots:

Founded January, 2003, as The House of NyghtFalcon quickly garnered international acclaim for its work. If a thousand still images were on a table, and only one were a NyghtFalcon, that still image would be clearly and easily recognizable. The firm’s hallmark style – the vibrant colour, rich texture, intensity of detail, emotional impact and unique artistic vision – clearly distinguished the firm’s work from that of traditional photographers.

In 2007, the firm changed its name to The House of NyghtFalcon in recognition of the fact that the firm’s work had evolved and the needs of the clients it served had become vastly different. “While the firm’s core expertise remains still and motion imaging,” wrote Falcon to the firm’s Board of Advisors that year, “everything we now do is centered around capturing, creating and conveying emotion.” In recognition of that change in focus, the firm changed its tag line to “See the World Again. For the First Time.” “Our responsibility,” wrote Falcon, “is to free our clients - and their clients - to experience even the most ordinary object or image as an extraordinary emotional experience. Emotion is the ultimate competitive edge.”

NyghtFalcon’s unique processing methodology, called NyghtVision, is designed to reveal the unique emotional experience in each image. With our deep collection of film emulations, NyghtFalcon can craft a stunning range of visual effects that create a one of a kind emotional experience for your clients.

The firm’s consultative expertise include brand awareness analysis, brand consistency development, digital marketing, decision process analysis, culture-brand linkage analysis and client profile analysis.

NyghtFalcon offers an array of support expertise that include: graphic design, logo design, digital publishing services, motion video production and editing, logistics, and web design. NyghtFalcon’s personnel are trained to deliver world class imagery under the most difficult conditions. We are equally at home in deserts, on city streets or in rain forests. Highly adaptable, flexible and resourceful, only the best survive the firm’s three year training program. Our firm’s proprietary lighting methodology allows us to create emotionally powerful images without the constraints of studio work.

We invite you to see the world again. For the first time.

  • Who We Are: Our Team, Our History

    The firm’s consultative services include brand awareness analysis, brand consistency development, digital marketing, decision process analysis, culture-brand linkage analysis and client profile analysis.

  • "I would like to say that your photography is a redefinition of intimacy and finesse.” Marcel Jr. Nault, Sherbrooke, Quebec (Canada)

    Marcel Nault Jr.
  • "When Falcon handles our photography, I don’t have to be on-site to direct the shoot because by the time he is photographing our buildings he has thoroughly questioned me about the characteristics of the building I want featured and what emotions I would like viewers to feel about the building. Then, he just nails it for us. For the new YWCA at the Southeast Gateway, we wanted to portray that building as a majestic icon that welcomes people to participate on a new level. For the Single Sisters Residence at Salem Academy & College, we wanted to capture the feeling…

    Donna Emmary
  • "Falcon possesses a rare blend of highly desirable, distinctive qualities. He is a visionary, technologist, artist, entrepreneur, and a leader as well as someone with complete ethical integrity. I believe these are the most desirable attributes to run a great photography business in the digital age. The vision he has developed for the NyghtFalcon photography company is unique in all these dimensions and has produced great results for his clients and partners. The NyghtFalcon work immediately stands out and grabs the viewer’s attention. I was able to work on many different projects over the years with Falcon and his team…

    Luc Marin

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“I've never made any picture, good or bad, without paying for it in emotional turmoil.”

W. Eugene Smith

"One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you'd be stricken blind."

Dorothea Lange

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