What We do: All our work proceeds from our understanding of your business – its culture, mission, and vision as well as its current competitive position in the market. We are as interested in the relative strengths and weaknesses of one’s competitors as we are yours.

Seeing the World Again, for the First Time begins with taking a fresh look at one’s business including its internal structure, use of technology, and value proposition. We do this using the framework of Design Thinking. Using this framework ensures that all our work enhances our client’s competitive position in the market place.

Our consulting practice was born in more than 30 years consulting for companies like AT&T (Bell Labs/Lucent), The State of Florida, The State of New York, and many others. We understand competing in a global economy and we understand the importance of brand-value. The firm’s consultative expertise include:

brand awareness analysis,
brand consistency development,
digital marketing,
decision process analysis, culture-brand linkage analysis and
client profile analysis.

We craft visual-emotional images based upon the information we gather in this process.
As part of that analysis, we review current marketing material, including the firm’s logo, collateral material such a brochures, currently used images both still and motion, as well as the firm’s web and digital presence. NyghtFalcon offers an array of support services that include:

Graphic design, logo design,
digital publishing services,
still and motion imaging production and editing,
logistics, and web design.

Brand Imaging/Management

The rise of the Internet has changed forever the way we think about marketing and branding. Now, branding isn't a luxury a firm pursues after successfully marketing. Branding is the key to attracting clients and building long term relationships.

Still Imaging

The roots of our firm are in still imaging. Our NyghtVision Methodology was born here. Seeing the world again, for the first time, is about opening our eyes - and the eyes of our clients - to the world around us with a freshness that rekindles our emotional experiences. Working in raw, we are able to deliver stunning images that will set the experience your firm provides apart from any competitor.

Motion Imaging

NyghtFalcon MotionImaging uses our NyghtVision Methodology to every aspect of motion imaging. This includes post processing, documentary, events, and production management. In conjunction with our Still Imaging, our motion imaging group can provide a complete emotionally compelling experience for you clients.

Imaging Workshops

Our seminars are built around our NyghtVision Methodology. Beginning with our Boot Camp Seminar, also known as our "See the World Again. For the First Time." seminar, are focused on helping our students change the way they see the world - whether or not they intend to be professional photographers. Members of our community can share ideas, images, and insights into imaging.

NyghtVision Magazine

The official magazine of The House of NyghtFalcon, NyghtVision Magazine has articles about lighting, post processing, and other still imaging topics. In addition, each edition has essays and interviews.

The Institute

The Institute is the division of our firm that oversees our seminars and workshops. The Institute focuses upon the application of our NyghtVision Methodology across every aspect of our business.


While we do not pursure design work apart from brand and imaging management, still and motion imaging, or other core expertise, we do offer our clients design services. Brochures, web sites, marketing and sales material, logos, and other design related technology is available for our clients.

  • "I would like to say that your photography is a redefinition of intimacy and finesse.” Marcel Jr. Nault, Sherbrooke, Quebec (Canada)

    Marcel Nault Jr.
  • "When Falcon handles our photography, I don’t have to be on-site to direct the shoot because by the time he is photographing our buildings he has thoroughly questioned me about the characteristics of the building I want featured and what emotions I would like viewers to feel about the building. Then, he just nails it for us. For the new YWCA at the Southeast Gateway, we wanted to portray that building as a majestic icon that welcomes people to participate on a new level. For the Single Sisters Residence at Salem Academy & College, we wanted to capture the feeling…

    Donna Emmary
  • "Falcon possesses a rare blend of highly desirable, distinctive qualities. He is a visionary, technologist, artist, entrepreneur, and a leader as well as someone with complete ethical integrity. I believe these are the most desirable attributes to run a great photography business in the digital age. The vision he has developed for the NyghtFalcon photography company is unique in all these dimensions and has produced great results for his clients and partners. The NyghtFalcon work immediately stands out and grabs the viewer’s attention. I was able to work on many different projects over the years with Falcon and his team…

    Luc Marin

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“I've never made any picture, good or bad, without paying for it in emotional turmoil.”

W. Eugene Smith

"One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you'd be stricken blind."

Dorothea Lange

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