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Senior Partner

Greensboro, NC

+1 646 389 3731

Brand Management

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or Engagement Information

+1 215 740 7661


NyghtFalcon - West

For General Inquiries

Eugene, OR

+1 541 554 0759


Still and Motion

General Inquiries

Greensboro, NC

+1 215 740 7661


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+1 404 919 4997


What We Do

We create, capture and convey emotion though still and motion imaging. Everything we do begins by understanding the emotional experience required to bind your clients more closely to you and to help you gather new clients.

Brand Imaging/Management
Still and Motion Imaging.
Imaging Workshops

> Together we begin our journey by discovering the emotional ties required to create, capture and convey the genuine experience that defines your brand, to gather new clients and to connect you more directly and deeply with your current business. All our work proceeds from our understanding of your business - its culture, mission, and vision as well as its current competitive position in the market. We are as interested in the relative strengths and weaknesses of one’s competitors as we are yours.

Seeing the World Again, for the First Time begins with taking a fresh look at one’s business including its internal structure, use of technology, and value proposition. We do this using the tools of Design Thinking in order to ensure all our work enhances our client’s competitive position in the market place.