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NyghtVision Case Studies

These case studies will help provide insight into who we are and what we do. Each one involves the application of our NyghtVision Methodology to a specific business problem. From still and motion imaging to the complexities of building brand community, each case reflects our commitment to capturing, creating and conveying emotion in order to tie our clients to their clients through an emotionally and visually compelling experience.

Each of these studies has been chosen because they were challenging, demanding, and because they produced incredible images. The details of each study will help provide you with detailed information about the assignment.

Polymer Group International

Polymer Group International is a Charlotte based manufacturer of materials used in other products. For example, PGI manufactures the absorbent material used in diapers. Faced with compliance issues the need to produce a sustainability report most notably as well as an annual report, PGI sought a firm that could assist it in completing the reports and assisting in brand management.

Frank L. Blum: High Point University

Frank L. Blum is a nearly century old construction firm in Winston-Salem, NC. Faced with ncreasing competition from firms moving into the area from larger markets where the failing economy had caused the level or projects to drop, Blum had experienced a significant downturn in proposals and that in turn lead to a downturn in projects under construction.

Grand Turk

An interior designer working for Global Destinations contacted NyghtFalcon about a complex project it was developing for Carnival Cruise Lines. Carnival had purchased an old prison on the island and was converting it into a tourist attraction. The project called for NyghtFalcon to develop a media package for a new tourist destination on Grand Turk. That package included documentary images and a still video.

Sherril Tree

Sherril Tree is the leading supplier of equipment to arborists. Every year, they publish a catalogue that includes both products and still images of arborists using their equipment. At the eleventh hour, Sherril Tree hired NyghtFalcon to travel to four different locations - Orlando, New York, San Francisco and Copenhagen.

Loco for Coco

Loco for Coco is a local gourmet chocolate shop. Like many small businesses, they were struggling to find their place in the market in Greensboro, NC. They approached NyghtFalcon about finding that voice. Falcon met with them several times in order to understand the experience that Loco for Coco wanted to provide their clients. It was clear that it would take more than still images of chocolates to capture, create and convey the experience.


Coalese designs and builds world-class office furniture that reflects contemporary styling. The marketing department needed still images for a new marketing campaign. They decided that they wanted their products to be photographed in the High Point, NC, facility, a daunting task at best. They also stated that production couldn't be interrupted.

Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill

The Shakers were a religious movement indigenous to the United States. Founding in the Nineteenth Century, they established a number of communities in the medwest and west. The village at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, after years of decline and deterioration, had been rebuilt through donations. The not-for-profit that managed the property faced a significant decline in visitors and donations as the economy faltered.

Bimini Bay Resort

Recently purchased by investors, The Bimini Bay Resort was in need of rebranding. As part of that initiative, Global Destinations CEO, Mike Greve contacted Falcon about aerial photography of the resort.

Given the location of the resort, the only successful way to get the aerial images the resort required was via helicopter from Miami. Since the resort is at the edge of a helicopter's range, NyghtFalcon would have one and only once chance to get the images Global Destinations needed.

Proponent Federal Credit Union

Moser, Mayer, Phoenix Associates contacted NyghtFalcon when Proponent was in the last stages of completing the interior design of its new building in Burlington, NC. Proponent wanted distinctive artwork for the building that enhanced both its brand image and communicated to the clients the firms core values: stability, long term vision, local focus, and its concern for the environment.

Wake Forest University

It had been more than a decade since Wake Forest had updated its dormitory photos. Several dorms had never been photographed. The university was also launching a new web site for which new photos were needed. There were numerous challenges we would face.

J Douglas Milican

A local building and remodeling company wanted to increase its market share. The House of NyghtFalcon had done so work for them so Robert Miliken contacted Falcon to see if he could help J. Douglas Miliken understand how it could improve its market share.

  • "I would like to say that your photography is a redefinition of intimacy and finesse.” Marcel Jr. Nault, Sherbrooke, Quebec (Canada)

    Marcel Nault Jr.
  • "When Falcon handles our photography, I don’t have to be on-site to direct the shoot because by the time he is photographing our buildings he has thoroughly questioned me about the characteristics of the building I want featured and what emotions I would like viewers to feel about the building. Then, he just nails it for us. For the new YWCA at the Southeast Gateway, we wanted to portray that building as a majestic icon that welcomes people to participate on a new level. For the Single Sisters Residence at Salem Academy & College, we wanted to capture the feeling…

    Donna Emmary
  • "Falcon possesses a rare blend of highly desirable, distinctive qualities. He is a visionary, technologist, artist, entrepreneur, and a leader as well as someone with complete ethical integrity. I believe these are the most desirable attributes to run a great photography business in the digital age. The vision he has developed for the NyghtFalcon photography company is unique in all these dimensions and has produced great results for his clients and partners. The NyghtFalcon work immediately stands out and grabs the viewer’s attention. I was able to work on many different projects over the years with Falcon and his team…

    Luc Marin

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